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Reckoning Trade is dedicated to widening employment opportunities in all the skilled trades for queer folks.


LGTBQ+ workers remain closeted in the workplace

Everyone deserves to work in a safe environment

safety and caring

Everyone deserves the right to earn the wages and benefits needed to sustain themselves and their family. Every person deserves to be protected from danger or the risk of injury in every area of their life—including and especially the workplace.

this isn't new

Our fight for fair and just labor practices is centuries old. From Stonewall to Lowell Mill, the March on Washington to the Atlanta Washerwomen strike, we strive to bring their visions to bear on behalf of all people and workers today.

we're all queer

We envision a queer and trans future where we all build and create what we need to thrive. To get there, we have to create a culture that is open, curious, creative, and, at times, defiant of norms in its reclamation of strangeness and difference. Everyone is invited to this future.

How we can help


Reckoning Trade connects aspiring and current queer and trans trade workers. We know what we need to thrive. Working together, sharing knowledge, and providing support to one another is the only way we get to the future we deserve.


Reckoning Trade hosts educational forums for workers, employers, and unions to shed light on exclusionary workplace policies and norms. It will take many different kinds of organizations and people to make a new culture a reality.

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At Reckoning Trade, we know policy shapes culture. That’s why we work to organizes events and advocates for policy changes—in every institution, including and especially government—that ensure safe and caring workplaces.