Reckoning Trade Project aims to train, educate, and retain non-traditional tradesworkers from a community-based framework that addresses intersections of oppression from a legal, systemic, and historical approach with a focus on queer, trans, and gender non-conforming people, especially queer and trans people of color. Working together across issue area, identity, class, and status, we practice radical inclusion through action to build welcoming, thriving communities and workplaces in which we all can come together.

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We pair new apprentices and more seasoned tradespeople to promote intergenerational connections, networking, and self-esteem. Together, they share tips and strategies for success, tools, how to get involved with their union, and bond over shared experiences.


Our events build support systems, connecting queer and trans workers across different trades who rarely work together but share an experience of being underrepresented. They facilitate sharing of ideas, social connection, and networking.


We provide comprehensive trainings to a variety of audiences in order to shift the trades culture towards inclusivity for LGBTQ+ communities. These trainings provide important context, definitions, and analysis—the necessary foundation for any inclusive workplace.



We provide members and allies with the practical resources to build awareness about the experiences of queer and trans tradesworkers, promote cultural understanding about issues of underrepresented workers, and advocate for radical inclusivity.

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