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City of Seattle: Apprenticeship Guidebook

know your rights

Lavender Rights Project: Legal Services

Q Law Foundation: LGBTQ Legal Clinic

US Department of Labor: LGBT Policy for Workers

WA Department of Labor & Industries: Workers’ Rights Forms & Publications

WA Labor Education and Research Center: Washington State Workers’ Rights Manual

US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: What You Should Know: HIV/AIDS & Employment Discrimination

educate yourself

Reckoning Trade Project: A Reading List For Every Tradesqueer

Reckoning Trade Project: How To Be An Ally

US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: Protections for LGBTQ+ Workers

National Center for Transgender Equality: The Report of the 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey (PDF)


RTP in South Seattle Emerald: LGBTQ Pride Must Extend To The Trades (article)
Agriculture & Natural Resource Center for Excellence: LGBTQ+ and Gender Biases (podcast)
Culture of Care Summer Forum: Inclusive Construction Work Environments (video)


“Creating Inclusivity & Best Practices for Transgender and Gender Diverse Employees.” ANEW’s Diversity & Inclusion Summit. June 3, 2021.

“LGBTQ Worker Inclusion on Construction Jobsites.” AGC’s Culture of CARE Spring Forum. April 29, 2021.

“Safe Women in the Workplace.” Construction Center of Excellence’s EmPower Women’s Leadership Conference. March 9, 2020.

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